“Love Is”

I have always been fascinated by relationships: how connections are formed, love blossoms, bonds break, and trust is rebuilt. Through our travels, Rocket and I have heard amazing stories about the strength of love that we find inspirational not only for our relationship, but also for others.

I started collecting these stories and aim to share them with you in an effort to show that, even though love isn’t perfect and marriage isn’t the fairytale we see on TV, the reality is worthwhile, awe-inspiring, and down-right remarkable.

Take the journey with us to discover what love is….

*We love to hear incredible love stories. We won’t be able to feature all of them, but if you want to share your story, please contact us!

The Journey : 

Our Story - “It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant that we were supposed to be together.”    -Sleepless in Seattle ~~~ I’m excited to start the journey with you as we explore how love is displayed amongst different couples around the world. Rocket and I are blessed to ...
Love Is… - Faith: “I thought love was supposed to conquer all?”   Jack: “It does, if it’s really love.”   -When Calls the Heart ~~~~ What does love mean to you? Fittingly for February, the love month, I have already had multiple conversations with friends and family this week about relationships. The discussions included topics such as falling in love ...
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