Exploring the Region Part 2: Muscat

"Hold on, here we go! Next stop, knowledge!" - Finding Nemo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  I’m constantly reminded that my experience in the Middle East contrasts greatly with my previous misconceptions about the region. Before I visited, news reports framed it as a volatile desert environment with limited diversity. As I sit in a cafe at Dubai Garden... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Go!

“I live my life a quarter mile at a time.” - Dom, Fast and the Furious ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As I sit back at an empty desk in Rocket’s office, gazing out the window, it finally hit me: I’ve settled nicely into my new home. I have my own group of friends, we finally finished decorating our... Continue Reading →

How To Not Compromise

“To infinity and beyond!” - Toy Story ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s time for a vacation, restful mornings, breakfast in bed, luxury accommodations and some casual sightseeing. Our first night in Cape Town, I dreamed about the relaxation to come my way. We stayed at The 12 Apostles, a beautiful boutique hotel on the Atlantic coast. The views... Continue Reading →

How To “Survive” A South African Safari

“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” - Out of Africa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you visited our Instagram page (@pintoeverafter) last week, you would have seen hints about our latest travel experience! We vacationed in South Africa, which was at the top of Rocket’s travel destination wish list. It took some convincing... Continue Reading →

Take Me Home

“There’s no place like home.” - Wizard of Oz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Each summer, I usually plan one vacation home, even during my time at ESPN despite having only 2 weeks off a year. During July and August, there are multiple family celebrations that I eagerly look forward to, but since I recently traveled home for my... Continue Reading →

J’aime Paris (I love Paris)

“Paris is always a good idea.” - Sabrina ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ June 5, 2017….exactly one week ago marked our first year of marriage. This past year was filled with many adventures, a few challenges, but most of all love, friendship and support. My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary in none other than the city of... Continue Reading →

The Colors of Kolkata

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" - The Wizard of Oz  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “We are on a movie set right? Where are the cameras”...I thought to myself as I hurriedly glanced around trying to take in as much as possible…                        ... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Bliss

“Adventure is out there.”  - Ellie, Up ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From learning Bahasa Indonesia, eating bebek bengil (crispy duck), shopping in markets, to playing with monkeys in the forest, our honeymoon in Bali was truly memorable. We were united and untethered, free to live in the moment. While enjoying every experience for what it was, I didn’t... Continue Reading →

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