Our Desert Oasis

“The desert tells a different story every time one ventures on it.” – Robert Edison Fulton, Jr.


A little over a month ago, Rocket and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary! Last year we enjoyed a romantic trip to Paris, but this year plan to visit the many attractions  in the U.A.E and nearby destinations such as Oman and decided to stay local.

For this trip, we drove about a hour away DEEP into the desert. Ok, maybe not that deep, but still we were definitely well outside of the city. On the way there, we spotted two antelope species that I never imagined  could survive in such extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, they were camera shy! Rocket once again surprised me (I had no idea where we were actually going), and we pulled up to the gates of Bab Al Shams, a desert resort and spa on the outskirts of Dubai.


With an award winning spa, variety of restaurants, temperature controlled pools, and various desert activities, Bab Al Shams is an oasis away from the busy city life, but still conveniently located.

Despite the heat, Rocket and I thoroughly enjoyed our staycation in the desert. My favorite meal was a crab and avocado salad with a date milkshake. Even though temperatures are high in June, we took advantage of the chilled (and partially shaded) pools and icy drinks in the afternoon.

IMG_20180605_200804 (1)

The pool at night.

We spent time at the stables learning about Arabian horses and the art of falconry. Although I was apprehensive, I decided to feed one of the smaller falcons. 


Check out the video below:


Lastly, I have always wanted to try archery, but never had a chance until now. Even though the sun was brutal we were undeterred and started a competition between the two of us.


I have to say, I won at least a couple of times even though my husband claims he let me win! However, neither one of us was as good as the instructor, but with a little practice who knows.


Overall we fully enjoyed our time at Bab Al Shams and the spa was amazing. If you have extra time during your stay in Dubai, we highly recommend that you spend at least one night in desert. 

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