Easter in Dubai

“It is finished.” – The Passion of the Christ (Bible – John 19:30) 


Last week,  Easter (Resurrection Sunday) was celebrated around the world. Although Rocket and I both love living in Dubai, Easter is one of the many holidays we would love to spend around family, attending church and eating a great Easter brunch afterwards.


Despite living in a Muslim country and not making it home for the holiday, Rocket and I both enjoyed a great resurrection weekend starting with Good Friday!

In the UAE, the weekend is observed on Friday and Saturday. Most churches meet on Friday because Saturday is still a workday for many people. Since Easter is not a public holiday here and Sunday is the first day of the work week, we met to celebrate Good Friday instead of Resurrection Sunday like most churches in Dubai. 

After service on Good Friday, Rocket and I went to lunch with a few friends at an African restaurant named Kiza. We aren’t usually fans of “multi-cuisine” restaurants, but we tried Tanzanian, South African, Ghanaian, Moroccan and Kenyan dishes that were all really good!   

Following lunch, Rocket and I attended a polo match with a another group of friends and got to witness a thrilling comeback victory.

During lunch on Friday, we ran into a friend who told us about a sunrise Easter Service at the beach. So we rested on Saturday in order to wake up early for the 6 a.m. Sunday service. 

As far as I know, Easter is the only day of the year that the government allows worship in public. We met up with a few friends at Black Palace Beach for the celebration, and were amazed at how many people came out including over 40 baptisms in the Arabian Gulf! It was truly amazing way to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. 

As an expat, friends become like family as we share holidays and special occasions together. Sometimes, it’s tempting to sit at home on the holidays, but we have found that the more we get involved and stay active, the more connected we feel here in Dubai. While nothing can replace being at home with family, we still enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend!

If you are interested in next year’s sunrise Easter celebration at the beach, contact Fellowship of the Emirates.


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