Freedom To Explore: The Maldives

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” –John Lennon


It was amazing! No, not because of the hours traveled, luxurious resort, or beautiful pictures taken. It was amazing because of the uninterrupted quality time Rocket and I spent with each other. 

If you saw any of our recent social media posts, you would know that to celebrate a milestone birthday, Rocket planned a surprise trip to the Maldives for me! 


The Maldives is comprised of 26 atolls stretching across 298 square kilometers in the Indian Ocean, but still ranks as the smallest Asian country according to land and population. These  atolls are characterized by white sandy beaches, turquoise colored water, various marine wildlife, and just under 200 species of coral.

Unfortunately in recent years, El Nino and the effects of climate change have caused severe bleaching, killing off the vast majority of the coral visible to snorkelers on many islands. The effects of the most recent bleaching have impacted the ecosystem so much, that the marine biologist on our island said that it would be highly unlikely for the coral to fully recover in our lifetime.

Despite the bleached coral, our vacation was unforgettable. The Park Hyatt resort was beautiful, and staff were amazing in accommodating all of our needs. The island was absolutely breathtaking as I marveled daily at the wonders of God’s creation.

Although this vacation was the most relaxing trip we have ever taken, the best part was the quality time we spent with each other away from the distractions of work, social media, and cell phones. There are many ways marriage differs from courtship, but while dating you are eager to get to know each other exploring your future goals, values, and interests. In marriage, the relationships shifts from exploration to learning to co-habitate with each other and achieve your mutual dreams and goals. This shift is natural, but without the exploration, one or both parties can feel frustrated or misunderstood, as changes in goals, values and interest go unnoticed (even by the person who has changed). Spending time learning how your spouse has evolved since the wedding cultivates a relationship free from stagnation.  

The trip provided a plethora of opportunities to focus on each other in a way that is difficult in our daily routine. It created an environment in which we could focus on exploration in our relationship once again. We opened up about past dreams and future goals, family, how we plan to raise our children, and much more.

The thing is we didn’t need the Maldives to spend time getting to know each other better, but it was the decision to remove ourselves from the stress of everyday life and truly enjoy each other’s company that fostered an environment of openness and vulnerability.


As we return to Dubai, we look forward to incorporating uninterrupted quality time in our weekly schedules and future trips trips! 

*To see more pictures of our trip, visit our instagram page @pintoevearafter

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