Caution! 7 Things to Watch Out For While Traveling.

“Well he’ll learn that nobody crosses The Penguin and gets away with it.” – Batman: Penguin’s Clean Sweep, 1968


After an extended vacation visiting my family and helping my younger sister move into her freshman dorm room, I returned to Dubai for less than 24 hours before jetting off on an adventure with Rocket. I will write about our amazing vacation later, but for now check out our Instagram page (@pintoeverafter) to see a sneak peek!

As we travel, there are many things that are noticeably different from the United States. One of the smaller, yet funnier things I have noticed while driving are the different animal crossing signs. In the United States, I’m accustomed to seeing deer, horse, and duck crossings, but across the world there are many more animals to be watchful of while driving. Can you guess the country we visited based on the mix of animal crossing signs below?

Country: To be updated



Location: ?

Why did the penguin cross the road? When you build a road in their natural habitat between the ocean and a mountain, penguins crossing the road becomes a common occurrence.


My husband helps a lot with this blog behind the scenes. Rocket takes great pictures!




Location: ?

When you drive through farming areas, you are likely to run across a few sheep. This time we just saw them grazing alongside the road.



Location: ?

Beware of the baboons! They are very dangerous and there are a plethora of signs along the coast to prove it!



Location: ?

While on vacation, the majority of animal crossing signs were cows. It was amazing to see not only the variety of animal crossings, but also the different cow breeds along the same road!



Location: ?

Slow and steady wins the race! Hopefully we won’t have to wait for a turtle to cross the road anytime soon. 


And now a few from the United Arab Emirates just for fun:




Location: Dubai

Driving into the desert in the United Arab Emirates there are bound to be camel sightings.

 Mountain Goats


Location: Ras Al Khaimah

Don’t leave your homework out…goats will eat anything! Seriously, according to our tour guide and family friend, her school class took a field trip to the mountains where a goat devoured one of her classmates’ assignments.


As Rocket and I travel we will continue to update this post. So check back often!

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