How to Find Out What Your Spouse Does Everyday At Work

 “Never mistake motion for action” – Ernest Hemingway


Have you ever reached the end of a week wondering what you accomplished? Or felt like you accomplished a lot, but not the things that you had planned. Sometimes, we become so comfortable and focused on our daily (sometimes monotonous) routines that our dreams get put on hold. We continue juggling between our work and life trying to find a balance, but if we aren’t mindful time will seem to just pass by.

I have had weeks like this stuck in the work cycle, wondering when I would ever have time to work on my own projects. Once I left my job at ESPN, I filled my time planning a wedding, moving internationally, and spending time with my husband (not that there is anything wrong with that)!


However, Rocket and I both have big aspirations that we are currently working on. Before our anniversary, I noticed that we had not done a good job pursuing our dreams, by making them a priority in our schedule. Knowing that Rocket would greatly appreciate it, I looked for ways to help increase our productivity as an anniversary gift.


Cue the Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change:


I found this gem at Paper Source and after buying one for my husband, I went back the next week to buy one for myself! (It can also be found on Amazon).


With this planner you can list your weekly tasks before assigning them to specific days.

I love this planner because it gives space to write down my weekly goals before outlining what I want to work on each day. I get to estimate how much time I plan to work on each task as well as weigh their respective importance level.


Once your week is finished, it is time for reflection.

It has space for reflections, weekly reviews, and needed improvements as your track your productivity throughout the week.

Being intentional about our dreams and daily goals is important, and for us part of that includes communicating with each other about our weekly goals and how we plan on achieving them. Rocket and I spend most of the day apart, working on different things. Unexpectedly, the best part about using a productivity planner, has been the time we spend each evening sharing the details of our day, including what we accomplished (or didn’t accomplish)! Before the planner, Rocket’s description of his day was sparse in detail. However, now it has helped us communicate with one another about different work projects as well as future goals, including the blog posts that I’m currently working on!


Side Note: You can read more about being intentional in other areas of your life in my blog post: Intentional Love.

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