“As you wish” – The Princess Bride


Ok not really…haha. But if you are a man, I did warn you! Continue at your own risk…..

After moving to a new location, there’s a tendency to survey your surroundings and find your favorites; favorite coffee shop, grocery store, restaurants, gym, etc. When I moved to Dubai, top on my list was where I could get a good blow dry, mani pedi, and great cup of coffee! I soon realized that beauty services in a foreign country are different than what I was used to experiencing at home. For example, men aren’t allowed inside and the salon windows are completely covered to insure privacy.

Finding a nail salon that resembled home proved challenging. I wanted big comfortable massage chairs with large basins to place my feet into like my favorite salon back home. Most salons in the United States have a similar design. Each salon I visited in Dubai provided the same services, but in different ways. One salon, arranged each station in a funky pattern and used a faucet to wash your feet instead of a tub of water. Most salons have comfortable chairs, but few have built in massage capabilities. However, each salon has a theme that creates a fun atmosphere.

Despite these differences, I soon realized that the mani/pedi experience in Dubai is amazing in other ways! Most salons have both hair and nail services. When the salon isn’t busy, they normally have 3 women working with me all at the same time. In less than a hour, I can walk out with my hair, nails, and toes freshly done. AWESOME!

At first I thought it might be hectic and uncomfortable having all three services simultaneously, but soon I realized having 3 different areas of my body pampered at the same time was relaxing and absolutely amazing!


To top it all off, the prices are super competitive compared to the U.S. which means I can go as often as I like! 🙂

  1. What is? The Good Life! Love it, maybe one day I’ll get to experience a salon treatment like this! Thanks for sharing! ❤ –Giselle



    1. Simply adorable reveals and delightful discoveries.



      1. Thank you for your continued support!



    2. Thank you Giselle! You should definitely try it out….even make a trip to Dubai one day soon! 🙂

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  2. Simply adorable reveals



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