The 6 Month Trial


“We are almost there and nowhere near it. All that matters is that we keep on going.” -Gilmore Girls 


Transitions ultimately mean leaving one thing behind in favor of something new. When I moved to Bristol, CT (home to the worldwide leader in sports, also known as ESPN) it took me a while to feel like I was part of a community, especially after leaving college. After a while (2 1/2  years to be exact), I developed friendships over coffee, movies, and writing. I found a church that I loved and received love from, while also developing a new hobby in ballroom dancing which helped me avoid the gym! However, my fifth year brought about significant changes. All within 3 months, I quit my job at ESPN, left my community, got married, and moved to DUBAI….I expected to go through another transition period, but left all other expectations behind, and started with a blank canvas.

The first week in Dubai, the advice I continuously received was “give it 6 months, just give it 6 months.” It seemed as if people were trying to prevent me from having the “Dubai Blues.” It reminded me of the 7 month trial program I experienced at ESPN. I had 7 months to prove my worth to ESPN in order to remain an employee (boy was that stressful!). So, basically Dubai had six months to prove to me that we should hang around for a bit.

I didn’t know what to expect, moving to the Middle East, but I definitely didn’t envision things would fall into place so easily.

Nine months later, and I never once thought about that 6 month trial period. Yes, I faced challenges like any expat would, but the world is now open to me like never before (stay tuned for future posts). The first six months were easy…all except figuring out times to catch up with people back home (I still apologize to those who I need to catch up with!). Life felt like a big vacation as I started a new adventure as a wife and Dubai resident. But now that I’m settled, the real work begins! What’s next?

  1. Ahhhh!!



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