Honeymoon Bliss

“Adventure is out there.”  – Ellie, Up


From learning Bahasa Indonesia, eating bebek bengil (crispy duck), shopping in markets, to playing with monkeys in the forest, our honeymoon in Bali was truly memorable. We were united and untethered, free to live in the moment. While enjoying every experience for what it was, I didn’t have time to post any pictures of the honeymoon, but there were so many memorable moments during our time in Bali that one blog post doesn’t suffice!

My favorite moment: Dressing up and going to Sundara (a restaurant at the Four Seasons), for the view coupled with an amazing dinner. It was a simple moment, but nice to enjoy the waves breaking against the rocks  as the sun descended leaving behind a fusion of blue, yellow, and orange streaks in the sky while talking with my husband. Not that we didn’t engage in numerous conversations the rest of the trip, but there was something special about Sundara. It was at Sundara that we discovered my favorite Indonesian snack, Krupuk Kecang and upon asking for our third refill, they graciously gave us the recipe as well!

Funny Moment: While at the Monkey Forest, we bought a pack of fruit to feed them. The handler told us that if we held the fruit up high, a monkey would climb us to get it. I was nervous, but Rocket took the initiative to try it first. He held the banana high and a little cute monkey started climbing his leg, only to furiously shimmy down before reaching his prize. Soon after, a giant monkey landed right on his shoulder surprising all of us. I was glad I wasn’t the first to try it, but after watching Rocket survive, I decided to give it a go for small monkeys only! 

  1. These photos looks like someone’s purest imagination of what love looks and feel like. Can’t say enough!!



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